Virtual Christmas Without Tears Demo with The Cooking Experience




No Tears? It’s true, Marko’s factsheet will iron out all the glitches and allow you to enjoy the big meal. Its just forward planning, advance preparation and a glass or two of your favourite tipple!

Turkey. Marko will talk turkey and take you through the best way to cook this tasty bird. It’s best cooked at a medium heat on a bed of root veg with added port and red wine which prevents it drying out. You can stand the cooked bird for up to 90 minutes and it won’t go cold. Marko will do this and make the gravy from those lovely meat juices.

Roast Potatoes. Maris Pipers are the best, first boiled and then roasted in either goose fat or duck fat. (Forget the calories just for one day!). These can be done before you put the turkey in the oven and then re-heated. This really works.

Cranberry Sauce. Fresh cranberries simmered in sugar, port, orange juice and zest. Freezes well, so make it weeks ahead. Much better than the oversweet sauce in a jar!

Chestnut Stuffing. Fresh chestnuts (ready cooked sealed in a bag by Merchant Gourmet available in most supermarkets). Mixed with chopped red onions and parsley baked in a bread tin for about 30 mins, can be cooked and frozen in advance. Free flow and very simple.

Sausage, Sage and Lemon stuffing. The traditional delicious stuffing that you can put inside the turkey cavity or cook separately.

Dark Chocolate Roulade. An alternative to the Xmas Pud. Wonderfully chocolatey, hugely indulgent and can be frozen in advance.

Top Tech Tip. If you hook up an HDMI cable from your laptop to a TV in your kitchen, you then have two screens to allow you to have an audience at home!


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