Virtual Summer Supper Demo with The Cooking Experience




During this session we will show you how to create a showstopper of a summer party! Perfect to share with your loved ones on a glorious Summer evening, with sunshine, tasty food and a glass or two of vino!

Spinach and leek roulade. This is a brilliant starter, warm or cold. Its like a swiss roll but savoury. Wilted spinach, creamed leeks rolled up in a blanket of “Swiss Roll”. Finished with grated parmesan cheese.

Salmon fillet topped with basil pesto and wrapped in filo pastry. Served with a Hollandaise sauce coloured with chopped chives.

Summer Couscous Salad. Couscous is a great vehicle for added colour and flavour. We will include toasted pine nuts, red pepper, spring onion, toasted garlic, fresh sage, sesame oil, raw mangetout, all in a lovely fruit vinegar dressing.

Strawberries in an orange and cognac sauce. Late season strawberries with a lovely twist.
Marco will happily answer questions from our audience as we go along.

The demonstrations will only have ten people present and all recipes will be emailed to you prior to the event to whet your appetite.

Top Tech Tip. If you hook up an HDMI cable from your laptop to a TV in your kitchen, you then have two screens to allow you to have an audience at home!


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