Virtual Courses

This is a hands-on session, where you will be cooking along with us! We will send you a shopping list and preparation instructions in advance, so you can cook at ease during the session. With only three households invited to each one, this experience is extremely inclusive. Take a browse through the below courses and see which cuisine takes your fancy!


The time, patience and love that goes into making your own bread is as rewarding as growing your own vegetables. This noble food is such an integral part of so many dishes and when it’s freshly baked it has the ability to transform a dish. In this session we will make bread dough from scratch, experimenting with the shape and the ingredients to add texture, flavour and individuality to your very own homemade bread.


Your love for Indian food will only be heightened during this day of deliciousness! We will create an aroma of spicy indulgence from our home to yours, sharing an original spice mix with you created by us over the years – which will set your palette on fire (without the use of chilli!) Join us to learn how to create Indian food from scratch and be amazed by the results which far outdo your average takeaway.


A key mantra for cooking the Italian way is simplicity, less is always more when cooking true Italian food. The ingredients we will use will be fresh, flavoursome and rich and we will create some staple Italian dishes together. In this session we will make our own pasta and roll it by hand, in true uncomplicated Italian style!

Al Fresco

This collection of food is easy to prepare and assemble, easy on the eyes and oozes flavour. As the Summer months are now upon us, this session will guarantee to inspire you to sit outside and enjoy the warmer evenings, with a glass of wine and food fit for a five-star restaurant.

Grazing Food

This menu is what we like to call ‘picky bits’…If you’re looking for inspiration for the next time you host, and you want deliciousness but ease – this one is for you. It really is what it says on the tin and what a wonderful menu this is, think Tapas, think Meze, think grazing!

Let’s cook!

Be it a cooking holiday, catering for an event or joining one of our upcoming courses  – we would love for you to experience a culinary experience, like no other!