Virtual Demos

Our demonstrations are created for you to pick up a few new hints and tips within an intimate group of ten. The demonstration lasts for one hour and all recipes will be emailed to you before the event to whet your appetite! Is lockdown the perfect time to perfect your culinary skills?

Summer Supper Demo

We all like to create a feelgood factor when we entertain our loved ones and we know how extra special these moments will be post-lockdown! Now is the time to learn how to entertain your guests with delicious showstopping food with minimum fuss.

Mediterranean Demo

Lockdown has been a test on us all, so why not escape to France, Spain or Greece for a spot of lunch with us? Join us for this session to learn how to cook the Mediterranean way! This food is so popular, so versatile and so easily eaten!

Easy Entertaining Demo

We all love the idea of entertaining, but the stress often gets the better of us. This menu is based around simplicity, with most of the work done in the preparation so you can kick back and relax whilst your guests arrive and quickly serve at ease. Here we have combined indulgence with healthy eating so you can prepare enjoyable yet wholesome food for your loved ones!

Choux Pastry Demo

People find this difficult to get right. Marco will put you at your ease. Measuring ingredients accurately is important, and the right oven temperature as well. We will be doing the traditional sweet version and a contemporary savoury take on these. This is a real corker, fun and funky with WOW factor.

Let’s cook!

Be it a cooking holiday, catering for an event or joining one of our upcoming courses  – we would love for you to experience a culinary experience, like no other!